Thursday, November 01, 2007

Hot Stove Discussion Time

Now that the World Series trophy is making the rounds with some players heading for the David Letterman Show, some to the State House, and to their off season places, it’s time for the hot stove league discussions.
  • Who will get signed?
  • Will Schilling return?
  • Will Lowell return?
  • Will A-Rod appear in a Sox uniform?
  • What will the line up look like for next year?

Franklin voters actually get to do something much like the baseball hot stove league. They can pick from the 14 candidates for Town Council, the 9 that will help to work on the current budget problems. The decisions the Franklin voters make this election day will determine what our future will look like:
  • Will we go with a split tax rate or remain with a single?
  • How we will handle the library repairs?
  • How we will handle the high school renovations?
  • What will the school budget look like?
  • Will the Brick classroom survive for another year?

Your vote will determine who gets to work on the numerous opportunities facing this town.

While the baseball hot stove league fills the time from the World Series until spring training starts, Franklin voters have only until November 6th to be prepared to cast their ballot.

Michael Morton has been busy attending the candidate information sessions and writing of them in the Milford Daily News. I have seen him at each meeting I have been to, which is more than I can say of the Franklin voters. I have been quite disappointed in how few Franklin voters have appeared. We have the equivalent of an override facing the voters November 6th with the ballot question on the Community Preservation Act. No, it is not technically an override but it does raise additional funds for the town to be used for specific purposes (historic, open space, low cost housing).

To prepare for November 6th please check out the candidate profiles for

Read information on the Community Preservation Act and visit the Community Preservation Coalition web site.

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