Monday, November 12, 2007

Allison's Ring

Allison's_Ring, originally uploaded by shersteve.

Sitting with my father on an easy going Sunday afternoon, we're recording new episodes in Jerry's Story when the phone rings.

My daughter Allison, a senior in college, was calling to say she had accepted her boyfriend's offer of marriage. She and Brad will have a long engagement as Brad is planning on heading to law school when they both graduate in May 2008. We'll get to see them when she comes home for Thanksgiving, in the meantime, she sent us a picture of the ring.

Good thing I am sitting down. I wonder how Dolores is taking the news. She is off on a shopping expedition. Allison had already talked to Dolores. She caught her in a dressing room trying on a new outfit. Fortunately, there was a bench there for Dolores to sit on while she talked. I don't know the details if that outfit was selected or not, she did come home with a bunch of bags, so I at least know the news was not so distracting that it stopped her from letting the store register ring.


  1. Wow, huge news for the Sherlock family! My congratulations to Allison, for it is a beautiful thought she feels so surrounded by love.

  2. Thank you Rosa. This was good news (not totally unexpected) but still surprising none-the-less.

    She is grown up now. She is not the little girl who could sit in my lap and listen intently to a story. When she comes home, she has her own stories to tell!