Sunday, July 08, 2007

Thank you! Thank you!

A special thanks to Rosa, Phil, and Allison for posting while I was away!

Rosa left a special Cracker Jack surprise for me in addition to promoting the 7 Wonders of Learning. This is the Rosa I once perilized in words.

Phil spent some time on the hitchhiker trail and here.

Allison sent forth a couple of the sherku I had drafted and queued for publication.

The Baslock vacation in the woods of Weikert, PA was wonderful. More stories, pictures and sherku are forthcoming.

Baslock? Oh, this is something that has evolved over the years that the Bastians and Sherlocks have know each other. When we come together, it as if we are one family hence, the Baslocks. (We did try the Sherstians on for size but that name didn't wear so well.)

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