Sunday, July 01, 2007

One Less Reason to Keep Brick Open

Ha, from the Boston Globe today:
Just over two weeks ago, residents saved the Brick School in Franklin from closing, decrying the loss of America's oldest continuously operated one-room brick schoolhouse. They later discovered that the Croydon Village School in Croydon, N.H., is also brick, also one room, and has been open since 1780, 12 years before the Brick School.
and then

Franklin officials learned their lesson the hard way. On June 12 , fighting to save the Brick School from cuts, School Committee chairman Jeffrey N. Roy called the school the oldest continuously operated one-room brick schoolhouse in America. Then a resident e-mailed him pointing out the Croydon Village School.

"I said we would certainly look into it," Roy said. "That certainly was not a driving factor for everybody, whether it is in fact the oldest. I think the important point to it was that it was a piece of town history and many generations had gone through the Brick School."

While it may not have been for everybody, it seemed like everybody for it mentioned that first. Second will now have to be good enough!

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