Thursday, June 07, 2007

Senior or adult or boomer ??

The printed Globe West section of today's Boston Globe newspaper has a headline article on Golden rush about the deluxe new senior centers in the area opening for business. Yes, Franklin has a new one scheduled to open this Fall.

This article focuses on the facilities and services being offered at these centers. All good stuff.

Tried to find the article in the online Globe under the Globe West section. It wasn't there. It's under Massachusetts news. Yes, but there isn't a Massachusetts section of the paper.

While looking for the article, I did find another one in the "Local" section titled "Talking 'bout their generation".
Welcome to your friendly neighborhood "Boomer Center"?

Franklin and Northborough are considering renaming their new senior centers and dropping the word "senior" entirely, although neither community has decided on a new name. The town of Medfield's new senior center, currently under construction, will be known instead as the town's "Adult Community Center."

The S-word "has a very negative connotation for some folks, especially for baby boomers," said Karen Alves , director of the Council on Aging in Franklin.

For those readers of Ronni Bennett's wonderful Time Goes By, this topic is nothing new. I don't see elders referenced in this article though.


  1. The problem with "senior" is that it has been so overused for so many decades in reference to such activities as bingo that the moment it appears, everyone yawns.

    As you're aware, I use "elder" at my blog, but there are people who say they hate that too. My personal objection to "boomer" as a synonym for old is that it elminates the 34 million of us who are older that boomers.

    I'm sticking with elder...

  2. Ronni, I agree with you on keeping elders as the term of choice. I like the air of intelligence associated with elders. We do have something to share with others. Whether they listen or not is another story!