Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Globe (finally) gets to Brick School

For more than 200 years, children here have attended kindergarten in a one-room schoolhouse, a small, red- brick structure on a quiet residential street just outside the center of town. Residents call it a local treasure, and 31 years ago it was added to the National Historic Register.

But the school's future is in limbo. Tonight, at a meeting expected to be emotionally charged, the Franklin School Committee will decide whether to to accept a gift to continue running the school or to heed the superintendent's three-month-old suggestion to close the school.

The town is working to offset a $6.4 million budget shortage, and the Brick School may be too costly to keep, said Jeffrey N. Roy, the committee chairman.

"It's one of those facets of our education system that makes Franklin unique, that we have this oldest continuously operated one-room brick school in America," Roy said. "Then again, we have a community that expects us to be fiscally prudent and wise with their tax dollars. There's striking a balance."

There is no new information in the article that hasn't already been covered here in or in the prior articles by the Milford Daily News and the Franklin Gazette.

Read the full Boston Globe Article here.

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