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Deja Brew Results

Deja Brew Results
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One of the cases: 12 x 22 oz. bottles, with three kinds of beer per case that was the result of my Deja Brew experience.

The "L" caps are Lobster Claw: A highly aromatic barley wine. Very Potent.

The "CC" caps are Crazed & Confused: Hazed & Infused style Ale. Nice tasting, hoppy finish.

The "S" caps are Stunner: A creamy British Pub style pale ale “stunning colour”.

All descriptions are from the Deja Brew site.

I rejoined the group from our brew night to do the bottling last night. We started about 6:00 PM again. The first step was to purify the bottles and load the bottle racks so they could drain before being filled. As the rack was complete (about 80 bottles) we positioned it near our bottling station. Partnered up, I did the bottling and Joe did the capping. We kept moving right along until about the 84th bottle, it only filled about 1/3 of the way and then foamed. We had hit the end of the barrel.

We three stations going and developed a routine where four bottles of "L" were put into one case and moved to the next station. Four bottles of "CC" were put in and moved along to the last stop where the case was completed with four bottles of "S". The cases were then piled up until we finished and we divided up the goods. The three kettles yielded about 18 cases. We did drink some sample bottles along the way. Quality check you know! So not all the bottles made it to the cases. We also left one of each for the "house". These will be used by other brewers when they come in to sample, like we did our first night.

Good beer, "home" made with no preservatives. Just in time for the holidays.

If you are in or near Shrewsbury, MA, give Deja Brew a whirl. It is a good time for a group with relatively easy work and good liquid results!

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