Monday, June 19, 2006

a head of the game, for a change

Ha, Monday draws to a close and I am ahead of the game for once in a great while. The weekend was full of activity: World Cup soccer, Revolution soccer, yard work, Father's Day, Pacer's Sunday run, and minimal blogging.
I have drawn upon my Bloglines feeds to draft some posts for the Hitchhiker's Guide; one a day for the remainder of the week. Stay tuned, there will be something good each day. The trail has been rich recently.
I completed a posting tying two good articles together from yesterday's Globe.
I completed a post on mentoring with my own view to help recognize the frontlines for their critical role continuing the blog Synergy effort on people not programmes.
I did not get to write on running as I have run out of time (sorry could not help that one) but I will catch up to that tomorrow. Probably after the track work out in the evening, assuming the weather holds. A cold front is supposed to move through New England tonight and tomorrow. As long as the thunder storms are mild I'll be out running.
So all in all, a good blogging Monday, balanced with work and family.
How was yours?
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