Thursday, January 19, 2006

January renewal

Bunches of things going on. Some of them coming together.
Working my way through the hard copy of More Space. Finished Jory's piece on authenticity on the train home tonight.
Filling in some posts with Bly's poems.
Rewrote Crackin' Rosie by Neil Diamond for Rosa Say. She was delighted with the result.
Seeing sugar in a post heading from a year ago. Seeing sugar in a post heading this week. Coincidence?
Received an email from a family friend thanking me for providing some advice on how to high jump to their son and he went from not clearing the opening height to clearing 5'4" at the next meet.
Are the feelings rising to the surface telling me to consider making a real change? If only there were more money in coaching and writing, the day job could be supplanted.
More to think on.
More to sleep on.
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