Monday, December 26, 2005

Monogram pancakes

This started as a comment on Patti's recent posting. I decided to fix it up here.

Patti, I have this vision that you must spend time crafting this weekly piece. Time akin to preparing the pancakes.
  • Monday - to the store for the ingredients (or maybe the inspiration just pops up).
  • Tuesday - put the dry mix together and sift well.
  • Wednesday - for the fresh eggs and milk.
  • Thursday - the skillet is greased and warmed on the stove.
  • Friday - the dry and wet ingredients fold together and set for just a bit.
  • Saturday - the skillet is ready, the batter is spooned out into wonderful shapes and served up.
No additional sweetener is required. The chocolate chips inside just starting to melt is sufficient sweetness.

I, probably not alone amongst your readers, come here for a fulfilling breakfast and leave quite satisfied, yet anxious about having to wait another week for more pancakes.

Keep'em coming!

PS - I found Patti Digh writing at 37 Days back in June and posted about it on the Hitchhiker's Guide. Since then I have quoted from her a number of times. If you have not added 37Days to your RSS reader or blogroll, you are missing out.

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