Monday, October 31, 2005

Treats and a trick

The weekend has come and gone already. This morning brings the Monday Morning Memo from the Wizard of Ads and a cool short video (which I recommend you check it out).

Saturday morning found Dolores and I at Border Land St Park again for the Hockomock Invitational high school cross country meet to cheer for Carolyn and the Franklin Panthers.

The afternoon was spent doing my normal chores, weekly food shopping, etc. My father came over for dinner just as it was starting to snow and we spent the evening (mostly in the rain) cheering on the NE Revolution. The Revs made it worth while coming back from a 2 goal deficit to win 3-2 in aggregate and advance to the next stage of the MLS playoffs. Their teamwork and success provide some lessons that carry over to the business world.

Sunday morning I joined the Pacers for the 10.5 run. I did the first short loop alone (3.4 miles) and was joined by a couple of buddies for the longer loop (7.1 miles). It was a kind of yoyo run. Their younger legs (and fresher legs) would pull ahead of me on the hills and I would be able to catch them on the flat or down hill. They were kind enough to let me. So I would fall back, then draw up, fall back then draw up, until they pulled away once more and that was it. The yoyo string broke for the day. I couldn't catch up with them but it was still a good run and another milestone.

Sunday afternoon I spent time putting up some new window shades. The latest style I guess where they are advertised as cordless. One set actually was cordless, well to the normal view. The cord was hidden inside the shade. The other set had a small hole down the middle of the pleated shade for the cord to run. This got me thinking as I had to take all the previous window brackets off and install new brackets. Since there were two different sets (that's a story for another posting), they each required a slightly different set up. Sometime I will put some thought to trying to design a universal window mounting bracket for these shades. There is an opportunity there. It should at least save on some time and frustration for weekend warriors like myself.

Writing later Sunday evening, I discovered the secret to the google blog search and why I was getting lousy results. A pure google search is better for now.

But it is Monday morning and work calls for me.

Have a great Halloween!

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