Sunday, October 30, 2005

Google Search Tidbit

I am not overly impressed with the new google search for blogs. If I wanted to check on something I thought I had written about previously, I could easily search within the blog from the front page and instantly get results. With the new and improved search my queries frequently came up empty.

Which I found interesting because I could flip over to google, search there and find it easily. Why was the blog search so empty and the google search so fruitful?

I figured out part of the problem today when I went to the Advanced Search and realized that the search options could only be set from March 2005 to the present! So searching for something written last year was never going to be found. Duh! No wonder the searches were so empty.

So I'll continue to use google and wait to see of the beta for the google blog search goes back any further to make it more useful.

Did you have any other tips to share with the new search?

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