Friday, March 04, 2005

Wrapping up "The Gates"

As posted here, here and here earlier, my wife and I took the train to NYC last Saturday to see The Gates in Central Park.

We had been to Central Park during February 2002. Our niece was performing with the Chicago Youth Symphony at Carnegie Hall. Now, some performers wait years to get there and our niece was fortunate to get there while still a senior in high school. So several members of the family made the trip down for the weekend to catch her performance. On the Sunday afternoon after the concert, we took a walk through the park and were remarking on how quiet it was. Granted this was only a few months after the tragedy of September 11th but this was a big city with lots of people and seemingly, no one was around.

Well, needless to say, this Saturday, The Gates certainly can be credited with drawing the crowd. It was wonderful to see so many people around and about. We had our digital camera and a camcorder but I felt out of place as so many others had camera phones.

Walking amongst the gates, in with the crowd, we were unable to avoid hearing parts of several conversations.

One NY guy (no, I do not normally stereo-type but this guy was clearly a New Yorker) was remarking derisively to his female friend: "They took this f.. real place and turned it into an art piece!"

Another lady was describing to her family gathered around her; "It's sorta like the Olympics, very sorta flaggy."

After stopping to let a family stroller cross the walkway, while the father caught up to the twin little ladies in their Sunday best (including white tights), another female in a group also passing by was heard to say: "When I was that age, those white tights wouldn't stay white for long."

Heard from amongst a group of teenage males; "You can't sit down, you gotta keep walking to experience the gates!"

I enjoyed the walk.

white snow
orange gates
hosts of colorful people
bare trees
against the city skyline
a lasting memory

If art is defined as an experience to create a conversation, this was definitely a success!

Thank you, Christo and Jean-Claude!

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