Thursday, October 21, 2004

Collected thoughts for today

It has been busy and interesting the past few days. I have managed to find time for reading and responding to other blogs. Good stuff is happening on and in particular.

And of course as a New Englander, how can I not mention: How about those Red Sox!! Talk about facing adversity (down 3 games to 0, the 3rd game result more of a football score than that of baseball) and then the Sox finding the strength and will to respond. Respond by setting records to come from behind and win. More will be said on this, and maybe more eloquently than I, so I’ll leave it at that.

We are uniquely fortunate in New England to be having an upsurge in the professional sports this fall:
The Patriots continuing their wining streak.
The Red Sox going to the World Series.
The Revolution soccer team making it to the playoffs.
Only the Bruins sitting on the side lines, and not likely to play this season, due to the ongoing dispute between the players and the owners.

It helps make the season a delightful one. Outdoors, excellent foliage colors. Chill weather starting to creep in. Winter is just around the corner now.

Running today was good. Started while it was still light out and finished in the dark. Chose a local 3.5 or 4 mile loop. Haven't run it is a while so I forget where the mile marks are and how long it is. I'll need to clock it again with the car.

I have decided to change my schedule and instead of getting up at 4:00AM two days a week to run (yes, that early) to get back by 5:00; shower, eat, read the paper, and catch the train to Boston at 6:22AM, I will catch an early train home twice a week (if I can schedule it) and run when I get home. It will still be dark but I am not worried about that. I have reflective stuff so the vehicles should see me coming. The girls are older now, one already away at college, so there is less pressure to come home, be ready for the family dinner, and homework help after dinner. We did strive for a family dinner and managed to do so most of the week. I think it has been successful with both girls are doing well. I am proud of them. I give most of the credit to their mother; my wife, my partner of 22 years.

So while the changes are simple, I get to do more for me. It sounds so selfish like that and I am not comfortable with it sounding that way. I have devoted my time to the family when it was needed. I am now able to take advantage of some more time for myself. More writing (this blog), and more running being the two key things for me. Oh, yes; Dolores and I also get more time for us and that is also good. That will be the subject of another posting.

I have joined with a local running club. After running mostly alone for over twenty years it feels good to run with some folks that are also interested in running. We had a track workout on Tuesday. 8 x 400. It brought back memories of high school and college workouts. We did the 400's with only a 200 recovery between. I did that along with them except that after 4, I took a longer break, and then ran the 8th and last on my own. But it was a good feeling to have folks in front of and behind you, all working to their pace, preparing for their race. They helped keep me honest and dig deep to find something to finish the 7th and 8th 400 when I was fading.

This business week is drawing to a close already. I did manage to schedule to get home early twice to run in the evenings. For which I am also glad because even though I did not stay up until the end of the Red Sox games, I was up later than normal and needed to sleep in during the morning. Blogging has been good. I am mentally and physically ready for the next challenge.

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