Saturday, June 08, 2013

It is about time to Ctrl Alt Delete

During the course of this wonderful conversation, Match says:
"I don't get a world where people go to the gym everyday to fine tune their body and spend zero time on anything that happens above the neck."
That shows the passion for life long learning that drives Mitch. Any reader here should recognize I share that life long learning passion as well.

There are so many points to take off on this conversation between Jonathan Fields and Mitch Joel, I probably could do a series of posts to cover a month. However, it is not my takeaway that matters. It is up to you to do something. Start by spending about 45 minutes with Jonathan and Mitch here.

Listen to more of Jonathan's The Good Life Project

Follow Mitch  on Twitter, or his Twist Image blog and podcast

You can find out more about Mitch's book here

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