Tuesday, September 04, 2012

DejaBrew: tally updated

I had not yet updated the tally of top beers based upon the "Band of Brewers" recent efforts at Deja Brew so here it is. 113 unique beers, 80 done more than once. This is the listing of those beers done 3 or more times!

Beer Total
Stunner 14
Blueberry Ale 11
Hearty Christmas Ale 6
Lawnmower Lager 6
Downtown Brown 5
Llevar Porter 5
Hirschgarden Marzen 4
Pumpkin Ale 4
Wachusett Pale 4
Double Scotch Ale 3
Dunrovin Stout 3
Evil Santa's Ale 3
Killer Honey Ale 3
Light Irish Stout 3
Lobster Claw 3
McTartan’s Scotch Ale 3
Off Kilter Scotch 3
Rusty Anchor Lager 3
Sammy's Octoberfest 3
Steel Rail Pale Ale 3

 The row of 6 kettles at DejaBrew that we use frequently!

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