Monday, September 10, 2012

Before i die ...

A busy family and community based weekend has just come and gone. Briefly:

I recall conversations with some Franklin folks at Franklin Ford during a fund raising effort for the Food Pantry. Sirens from the fire trucks interrupted our conversation as they passed. Oddly, not much later that day, the fire trucks came again and stopped at a house just across the way. The occupant is safe but his home is a mess.

Driving down RT 1 to the family dinner to celebrate Mr and Mrs Proulx's 60th wedding anniversary,  we went by the spot where nephew Kevin left us. When we toasted later, his absence and that of his cousin Jonathan's were felt.

Outside the Coast Guard House in Narragansett, the shore is covered with stones and boulders of multiple sizes. Folks have started piling them up. I guess to see after the tide has passed which one may remain standing?

Completed the details to post the job description for the Franklin Food Pantry hiring a "Director or Development".

And then to sit Monday morning and view this....

Food for thought!

Thanks to Shelly Alcorn for the tip to this video

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