Thursday, August 02, 2012

So long, Shalrie!

It was a busy work day, I wasn't aware of the trade until I got a text message from one of my daughters. Trading Shalrie for another midfielder, a draft pick and additional allocation money? Does this solve the congestion in the midfield for the Revs?

Shalrie is a natural defensive midfielder with good passing skills. I think the best pairing this year was with Feilhaber in front of Shalrie. Shalrie could focus on the defense, helping out the back line and shutting down the pay before it got there. With Shalrie there, what do you do with Simms? 

With Shalrie up in the playmaker spot, what do you do with Feilhaber? Even without Shalrie, the Revs don't seem to be able to solve their midfield issues. As pointed out by Sean Donahue at New England Soccer Today:

One doesn’t have to look back far to see the impact Joseph’s presence has on the Revs results – just take a glance at the last four games. Without Joseph in the starting XI, the club has lost to the three worst teams in the East. With Joseph, the club grabbed an impressive road point against the then-first place Sporting Kansas City.

With choices to make among Rowe, Nguyen, Cardenas, Guy, Nyassi, Simms, Feilhaber, and yes, Tierney too, the Revs do need to settle on who will do what and then execute.

Will this help resolve the issue? Not sure. Time will need to play out to see.

I wish Shalrie all the best. He can deliver. Let's hope the Revs can figure out how to do the same.

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