Thursday, July 14, 2011

5 for Thursday - transition

Time for #the5 for today

Twitter for Android – Now with Push Notifications and Multiple Accounts  

Was the CIA's top Bin Laden hunter outed on Flickr?  

Weikert: clear sky

Waiting For Your Balls To Land (It’s Not What You Think)  

The first three videos from Gel 2011: how the conference started  a good way to see what happened!  

"That's step one of the strategy: Feed consumers' hungers" It's all about feeding hungers.  

Transition is a challenge. What is the tipping point for one to move from doing something, using something to changing? Is the incentive big enough? Is the move easy enough? Is there enough of a benefit to do so?

Some folks will move to the next shiny thing just because. Some will sit back and wait.

What you do should align with your goals and your focused effort. Does it fit? then maybe at the right time (even now) you should move. If it doesn't fit, then stand pat.

Aren't sure about your goals and focus? Then spend sometime on that! It will be time well spent later on.

How does this all play together with #the5? I have had my Droid ERIS for over a year now. The lack of sustained battery life has been growing increasingly frustrating. Occasionally I also run into space issues. A couple of weeks ago, both of these came up at the same time. I removed a bunch of apps, freeing up some space and all of a sudden the battery life is now something I can live with.

One of the apps removed was a rogue battery drain. Trouble is I don't yet know which one. Do I start adding them back one at a time? Or just go on? I am going on.

I have started playing with Google +. Gradually building my network of circles. One pleasant discovery is that the auto load of pictures to my private folder actually serves as an automatic backup of those pictures from my phone. I like that!

I have long been a Flickr user will I now change to use Picassa more? Time and circumstances will tell.

What have you learned that you can share today?

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