Saturday, June 18, 2011

"nothing left to moan about"

I almost canceled my Boston Globe subscription this morning. The nerve of Joseph P. Kahn!
A city and region that have suffered through curses and exorcisms, dreamed impossible dreams, counted banners in rafters, and worn bloody socks (with hearts on sleeves), woke up to a fresh reality yesterday morning: We have nothing left to moan about.
We have "nothing left to moan about"?

Yes, I can do the math very well. 39 is more than 15. I get it. I do feel sorry for the Kraft family. For 15 years, they have struggled to build the New England Revolution franchise into something and all for naught.

"nothing left to moan about"!

The Revs having made it to the playoffs for 8 straight years (more than any one of Boston's other pro teams) , been to the final twice and yet have not won the Major League Soccer (MLS) title. Yes, they have won a US Open Cup. They have even won a SuperLiga Title. But no MLS Cup. And the few loyal fans remaining do moan.

NE Revolution - Beckham Game

I did not cancel my subscription.
I do not blame Joseph P. Kahn.

This is the real soccer issue with the USA. They will come out to support the national team but little else. The US Women's team can create a following but the Women's pro league can hardly stay in business. Boston had a team (Boston Breakers) in the first try and the league stopped operating. The Boston Breakers have returned for this second go around with professional soccer.

I get it. This is reality.

It is as constant as the sun rising, the sun setting. Soccer has been and will be under appreciated in the USA.

New England Revolution fans will continue to moan over the team's lack of goal scoring this season and likely for sometime, their lack of success in winning the MLS Cup. Despite what the Globe says.

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