Wednesday, June 22, 2011

5 for Wednesday - investment

Time for #the5.

“Learning the tools is much easier, because no one can help you lead.”  goodness from   
Liz Strauss tells a good story about Hunter S Thompson and suggests a rewording of one of his sentences to make her point.

"These people believed in you, now tell them what you are doing with their investment"    
Geoff Livingston previews the findings of a study on non-profit fund raising that will be discussed in a webinar. The findings have good info to help reinforce some of what we'll be doing at the Franklin Food Pantry.

“Anything, everything, is not only possible, it’s probable.  No one person has more value than another"  
Deb Brown writes a summary of what she saw and heard at the 140 Conference last week in NYC. The quote is from a talk by Ann Curry.

"People don’t internalize depressing images; they tune them out"  goodness from  
Tom Asacker shares his insights on the new FDA anti-smoking ad campaign. I think he is spot on!

"For too many elders, a cut as small as five or ten dollars makes a negative difference in their lives"  
Ronni Bennett shares her views on the AARP position statement about Social Security that was announced last Friday. If the AARP position has truly changed, this could be a big deal!

When something matters to you, you end up spending time and money.
When either time or money is short, you end up prioritizing, making choices.
When making choices, you should consider the big picture and where these choices fit.
You should also recognize that you are not alone, someone else maybe making the same choices.
Maybe you can learn from with they are doing, maybe you and they can do it better together than either of you could do it alone.

You can get to this point of collaboration, cooperation by starting with conversation.
Overtime the conversation can build a relationship, can build some understanding, and some trust.

What do you think?

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