Wednesday, June 15, 2011

5 for Wednesday - dynamics of change

Time for #the5 today before work and other events take precedence.

Shedding light on lumens | BCP Business Center: via   and it was said, let there be lumens!
You'll start hearing more about this as 2012 approaches but it will be good to know this is coming!

"some goodies, but oldies, including one article from the 90s because, really, trust, trust never changes"  
While there will be change in how we talk about light, moving from watts to lumens, the nature of trust doesn't change. How we talk about trust may. What do you think?

"what it means to be an author is changing for the first time in a hundred years"  
Anyone who has followed Seth Godin can recognize a change master, that is he fosters change.

"Being contextually sensitive is the key to making powerful connections with people"   from 
One I have followed for some time and find as insightful as Seth is Tom Asacker. His story about the content in the context is one of my favorite.

"it has nothing to do with the future. It’s about being intimately involved with the dynamics of change"  
Back to change and Tom Asacker gets 2 entries today. Well, why not!

What have you learned that you can share?

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