Sunday, May 01, 2011

SOBCon 2011 - Notes from Women with Drive session

Importance of landing page
Use a template for the guest bloggers with the built in links to donate now, or call to action
video with Molly’s story
use a pop up as people come to the page following a RSS link
look for endorsement from the blogger; you are getting attention, building understanding, and driving to a donation
incorporate vendor network with video tips; i.e. oil change from approved vendor network
others bloggers can link to a special landing/splash page with call to action
provide messages to share
“not interested in a band aid, want to provide a cure”
two way street
get out of park into drive
jump start a woman’s future
people need to know the way, the path out of a problem (i.e. homeless, etc.)
a day without cars - another awareness project

Mike McCurry stepped up to help do incorporate

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