Wednesday, May 25, 2011

6 kegs to Bottle

The "Band of Brewers" visited DejaBrew on Monday evening to bottle and bring home the following:

Lobster Claw = A highly aromatic barley wine. Very Potent.   L
Hungarian Accent = A Hungarian Pilsner that is a little dry. Nice hoppy accent.  H
Miner’s Bock = Our version of a famous Bock from Texas, we make it better here   M
Salzburg Dunkel Weiss = An awesome easy drinking beer by Dave. Seriously, I said that.   D
Madras Pale = Madras is an India Pale style  (blank)
German Dry = A medium bodied German lager. Well hopped for a clean finish   G

DejaBrew - Bottle Washing

And the usual reminder on how to clean and store the empties

Deja Brew, to drink
In good health
Rinse cleanly right away
And store bottoms up

The sherku was originally posted here

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