Tuesday, April 19, 2011

nothing to protect us

Time to take a run through #the5 for today

Add your local knowledge to the map with Google Map Maker for the United States  here we go Franklin! 
Yes, I have wanted to do something like this for some time. Now if I can make the time for it!

Transferable skills, yes - those!  me: get 1 of 4 free passes 2 Community Camp at RISD 4/23 -  
There are so many options with transferable skills to consider. It really comes down to how well you can walk the talk.

Social Networks & The Fundamental Attribution Error  "there’s nothing 2 protect us ,,, from the errors in our thinking"
This wasn't tagged as one of the five so it is a bonus for today. The message is relevant. There is nothing inherent in the process to protect us from the errors of our own thinking, UNLESS we include the folks in our inner circle in the process. Do you have an inner circle?

7 advantages of using QR codes in the career center  me: 4 something so geeky this is trending 
For something that is hard to use, not readily available, this is certainly seems to be a trending topic. Maybe the tide is rising?

Persistence and Job Search  me: yes, not overconfidence, not blind faith, focus reinforced with actions 
Persistence. What else is there to say? That assumes of course that you are comfortable with that person in the mirror.

Two Tribes: Scarcity & Abundance  "the way you see the world runs your life" 
Becoming re-acquainted with Tim Sanders. I have had his RSS feed for quite some time but he has a new book out now and is making the rounds with interviews. I caught his interview with Mitch Joel the other day and it reminded me how much the learning, sharing, laughing process I have is really tied back to what he said in "Love is The Killer App"

What have you learned that you can share today?

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