Saturday, March 12, 2011

Adventures at FiberCamp

Fiber Camp?
Yes, using the unconference format folks come together to share and learn about knitting, crocheting, spinning and other aspects of working with fiber. Wool, cotton, rainbows or colors, or white (which can also be dyed later).

Why do you go to Fiber Camp?
I go to volunteer to work the welcome and registration desk. The check-in process helps to set the stage for the conversation and experience of the day. And oh, I do get to meet a lot of folks. This is the second Fiber Camp, so I got to see some new folks and get re-acquainted with some I met last year.

Guido Stein (@guidos) tries out one of the spinning wheels at a vendor table just before his own drop spinning session.

There are showcases of finished projects.

There are displays of colored yarns of all kinds

After the opening session, the 'campers' came back to the main corridor

Sarah shows her current project

Sarah records how to do a particular stitch

Alisdair talks with Hilda about double knitting

If there isn't a good session to go to, there is also an opportunity to just hang out

Why knit?
This bag says something that has been echoed in many conversations during the day.

If you get a chance to participate in a #fibercamp, please do so.

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