Saturday, February 26, 2011

You are not alone

Good morning, before D and I go for our walk today, let's get in coverage of #the5

Job Search Jam Sessions: You are not alone  

This is What Hope Looks Like  "we are deceived into believing that changing the world is reserved" 

Relationships are More Important than Truth?  "My only question is, where’s your damn courage?" 

Introducing Simpler Controls for LinkedIn Account Settings  me: nice layout, cleaner, simpler - well done!  

Year in Review: there’s a web app for that.  yes, here is the link to the app itself 

Being alone is good time for reflection but being alone is not a good way to accomplish most tasks. Many hands make light work go the old saying and with good reason. Use your network. What seems impossible may be accomplished one step at a time. It takes courage to step out of your comfort zone, to recognize that you can't do it alone. That you are not alone, that others are around that can help you, that you can help! LinkedIn is a good tools for finding and keeping in touch with your network. They have recently adjusted the settings page to make it easier. They have added a new app to enable a quick view of your connections who have started something new this year, last year. This is good info to use to reach out and stay in contact with them. Remember you are not alone, they will like to hear from you!