Monday, February 21, 2011

Bottoms Up!

Anyone who has been around a bar or a beer or two has likely heard the saying "Bottoms up." You are usually out with a co-worker or buddy having a drink and as you're getting ready to leave, "bottoms up" is the saying to finish it off and let's get going. The 'Band of Brewers' led by Brian Mahoney also use this phrase as the reminder for cleaning and keeping the bottles clean.

Stop and think about it. If the empty bottle is rinsed out and stored up right, the bottom can collect the excess liquid, dust and anything else around. When we return to DejaBrew to use the bottle several weeks later, what was once good and clean is now growing something worthy of a science experiment.

How should the empties be handled?
Right after emptying the bottle, rinse it out. Rinse it a couple of times with fresh tap water. It shouldn't really matter whether it is hot or cold. The bottle just held good tasty beer, so how dirty could it be?

To be safe, hold the empty and wet bottle up to light to look through the glass. It should be clean and while the glass is somewhat opaque, you should be able to see through.

You can let the bottle drain, whether you have one for yourself, or after a party have several, let the bottle drain with the bottom up!

And the final step to keeping the bottles clean until they are needed again; keep them in the box with the bottoms up!

Bottoms up to drink in good health.

Bottoms up to drain when rinsed out.

Bottoms up to store until the next batch is to be bottled.

Bottoms up!

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