Friday, June 18, 2010

Deja Brew - Fuggle Ambrosia

The 'band of brewers' brew crew was at work Tuesday evening at Deja Brew with a full allocation of the six kettles.

I picked the "Fuggle Ambrosia" to make and set about weighing and grinding the grains to start the boil. After boiling, we added the hops ad eventually cold filtered the liquid into the white tubs for the fermenting process. The almost step by step photos can be seen in this slideshow:

The crew is scheduled to return in two weeks to bottle the product and take it home in time for the holiday weekend.

The full selection of our six kettles was:

Downtown Brown -Similar to Smithwick’s Ale. Light in body, heavy in flavor
Fuggle Ambrosia - Nothing but Fuggle hops! Light, sweet, potent.
High Sierra Pale - A Sierra Nevada Pale style. A bittersweet flavor.
Red Tail Ale - A medium bodied red ale, good hop bouquet but balanced in taste
Stunner - A creamy British Pub style pale ale “stunning colour”
Summer Wheat - desc not avail