Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Follow-Up Faux Pas: Avoid Them! http://bit.ly/bBC3YN "in my experience the modern interview process is NOT a level playing field" #the5

Use LinkedIn to Promote Your Personal Brand http://bit.ly/apZBfe "using LinkedIn for more than just making contacts" #the5

LinkedIn for BlackBerry: Anytime, Anywhere http://bit.ly/9drDt7 "expect regular enhancements and additions to the application" #the5

Will Brain Scans 1 Day Replace Job Interviews? http://bit.ly/ciiuis "set the criteria in the 1st place for ... the ideal employee" #the5

10 Ways to Describe Effective Networking http://bit.ly/d39uLf "9. Be positive when speaking with people" #the5