Tuesday, March 16, 2010


good morning, catching the train to Boston so we'll do #the5 now - what can you find and share today?

Web Illiteracy: How Much Is Your Fault? http://bit.ly/blyl10 "Web designers could be paying more attention" #the5

The Jargon/Credibility Correlation http://bit.ly/dAKGfY "his current resume failed to emphasize any of these specific words" #the5

7 Steps to Using the Power of Intuition in Your Job Searchhttp://bit.ly/9qJbmW "often undervalued or dismissed in Western culture" #the5

Using social media with intent http://bit.ly/9MPU2A "Is your social media strategy random or do you use intent?" #the5

Branding: When Words Become Meaningless http://bit.ly/bK229q"Spend less time on the name, more time on product development"#the5