Friday, March 26, 2010

5 for Friday

Friday and #the5, a good combination called 5 for Friday!

The #SOBCon Manifesto "a way to give some of that learning and experience back" #the5

Ho‘ohana: Redefine ‘work’ to make it yours "To Ho‘ohana your work is to enjoy it" #the5

Fear of philanthropy (avert your eyes) "One percent isn't a lot, but it's enough." #the5

5 Reasons Why Your Social Network Isn’t Working "The social networking relationships I invest the most in" #the5

You’ll Never Know the Truth. Move On. "very few people have the poise to answer a direct question directly" #the5

Another bend in the road of my work/life"Managing work/Life is about choices" bonus 6th find for #the5Friday

What will you learn and share this day?