Saturday, November 14, 2009

WGBH canceling folk? Say it ain't so!

From Scott Alarik via Jake at the Circle of Friends Coffeehouse:
As many of you know, WGBH will cancel its Saturday afternoon program, "Folk On WGBH" on December 1. This ends a historic commitment to American folk music on WGBH, that goes back to to the early 1970s. I want to urge you to contact WGBH, spread the word at your venues about this decision, and urge your audiences to contact them, too. WGBH needs to hear how much non-profit venues like yours depend on Folk on WGBH; how important folk radio is to the cultural life of this area; and how much it has meant that WGBH has always supported folk music.
People can contact Audience Services/ WGBH/ One Guest Street/ Boston, MA 02135, or e-mail WGBH through its website, This is a time to make our voices heard.
Any frequent reader should recognize, I spend sometime most weekends with Folk on WGBH.

This move is likely to get me to reconsider my support for WGBH. Why send them some money if they don't provide a program I like to listen to?

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