Friday, November 20, 2009

5 for Friday

1 - Peter Drucker would have celebrated his 100th birthday yesterday. This retrospective from the Economist looks back at his work and writings.

2 - Joanna Young has a book. Indeed all the best of her Confident Writing blog posts are now in a book format for reference. More information on the book and how to obtain your copy can be found here.

3 - For some serious photography, Chas Jarvis shows off how he put together his "ground control" device. Cool!

4 - Google has continued to expand their Sites product and now offers more templates.

5 - And finally my daughter Carolyn, studying abroad this semester just spent a weekend in Egypt and has an interesting tale to tell of her "Walk Like an Egyptian"

What good things did you find this week? Care to share? Add them in a comment.

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