Saturday, October 04, 2008

Utterz or Utterli

Utterz has been a PodCamp Boston sponsor. To help foster the relationship, I signed up for and have been using it with mixed success. Posting to Utterz/Utterli is one thing (and easy) but the interest for me is in cross-posting to my blogs. I should get to take advantage of two things at once.

Well sometimes it works. Sometimes I post and have learned to wait to set the cross post. And sometimes the cross post works, sometimes it doesn't.

If I wait too long, life takes over and I miss the opportunity. Hence Friday evening, I found I had forgotten to cross post twice Thursday and once Friday. Oops!

Now Utterli has introduced an Adobe Air desktop client. Pretty slick if you want to view and reply to Utterli posts. Can it cross post? Doesn't look like it. Will I use it? Not too much.

Why not develop a air client for the web phone (non-iPhone)? with the capability to cross post!

Now that would be a good deal!

Oh and a couple of weeks ago they changed their name for Utterz to Utterli. Not sure I understand that one. The outrageous cow worked for me.

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