Friday, August 08, 2008

5 for Friday

A round up of some good links to follow that cropped up along the blogosphere trail this week:

1 - I got introduced to Rick Hamrick as he joined the Joyful Jubilant Learning blog with his first posting this week. His website; Hamguin's Hide-Not identifies himself as a "Computer geek with an oft-underexpressed, tender-artist side". Click through to JJL to see his post there and then to his site to read more there.

2 - Via a comment on a posting from our July trip to Chicago, I found out that there is a blog devoted to providing boat names for folks who have trouble coming up with them. Yes, that is called finding a niche and making it your own. Click through to see Boat Names, the blog.

3 - Exploring in the back yard of the Tri-state Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York can be enhanced with this site. Having spent some time away from New England this summer, perhaps this will lead to some weekend explorations.

4 - You get a two-for-one bonus with this entry. Chris Brogan, social media guru and one of the founders of the PodCamp movement, has a posting on 50 Online Applications and Sites to Consider and What I want PR and Marketing Professionals to Know. Both are must reads. As I get time, I plan on coming up with a version of the second posting for a different audience.

5 - Going back into the archives (of things to write about) a little further, I find the explanation for #ramday. Something started with a simple idea.

Enjoy these 5 for Friday!

Did you find something good this week? Leave a comment to share your finding.

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