Thursday, December 27, 2007

Rapid Fire Learning - December 2007

December: my birthday month, the end of the year month, holiday and party month... very much a busy time of the year. Benjamin Bach mentions something similar as he kicks off Rapid Fire Learning this month over on the Joyful Jubilant Learning blog. He found a good Dr Seuss quote.

1 - Sharing at an elementary level will start a conversation or enhance one. How? Use the FORM mnemonic (family, occupation, recreation, and motivation) to kick start a conversation. Once you get started, who knows how much in common you will find? And once underway, when you find something else in common (like a birthday) it just adds some icing on the relationship cake.

2 - I took the time to record and edit the recording from recent Town Council and School Council meetings to share the individual sections on Franklin Matters. The realization that while I had attended the meeting, and took notes during the meeting, but still missed important points during the meeting came when I was going through the editing process. No wonder folks can go to a meeting and walk away from it saying something completely different! Even when trying to capture what was occurring I was missing pieces.

3 - Patience is rewarded. I have been making my running recovery very gradual and taking great care to avoid a re-injury. This patience is paying off as I am able to achieve good mileage like on my birthday run and again on Sunday.

4 - The Sherlock trip to Washington, DC and the National Museum of the Marine Corp was a very special weekend. We had been planning this trip for a while. It was actually Dad's gift for Christmas 2006 and originally scheduled for February 2007. Dad's health took a turn for the worse and set us back a couple of times this year. Fortunately, he has made good progress and was in good health to travel earlier this month. My brothers (Bob and Mike) and Mike's son Mark, joined us so there were three generations of Sherlocks on the trip. I have a better understanding of what my father went through when he was a just a teenager entering the Marine Corp and then serving on Saipan, Tinian and Iwo Jima. I have more to record to capture the remainder of Jerry's Story.

5 - When I wrote earlier today about Stephanie Fernandes, I thought she was the inspiration. She certainly has the fortitude to meet her own significant challenges. When I was sharing the story as the day progressed, I realized that it was a couple of others in the story that were the real inspiration. Her high school friend who did not play an instrument but having always wanted to be part of the band, joined the band to guide her around. Her current partner in the band who guides her with her shoulder. These are the real inspirations. They are giving of their time and effort to help Stephanie!

These are my rapid fire learning five for December 2007. I look forward to living, learning, loving, leaping, and laughing in 2008!

What are your most recent learnings for this month?

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