Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Franklin School: Transportation

Transportation totals increased over 400 students (over last year). More parents have gone with the bus and "pay to ride" than using the walk or drop off option.

They will adding a new bus to cover an elementary route and a middle/high school run. Notices are being sent out to announce the new bus route/schedule.

The increased cost to add the bus to these routes would be about $45,000 and is funded entirely within the increased fees that came with the increased ridership.

Ed Cafasso calls it the "Shreve Crump & Low effect" (after the Superintendent Ogden coined "Family Circle effect" to account for the school enrollment increase of 100 students).

The 20% increase in ridership may be due to saving time from sitting and waiting, avoiding the waiting lines in the school, saving on the additional gas prices...

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