Sunday, August 26, 2007

Where am I? game changes and challenge

Franklin residents, I hope you are enjoying the game underway here. I have updated the game guidelines to move to a twice a week format rather than once per week.

Yes, I couldn't wait a full week once we have a winner! Hopefully, you'll agree with the change. Hopefully, I'll also be able to keep up with it.

I did get a good bike ride in today. Cruising around town, stopping here and there to snap a photo or two.

So if you see a tall guy, white helmet on a green bike, with a camera... that could be a good clue to a future picture in this game.

I am finding it a challenge to make the picture of a local place a challenge. Enough of a clue to help you figure out what it is without giving too much away. Yes, every picture tells a story. This game is helping me frame the story better. Just as my sherku is helping me get the least amount of words to convey what I want.

Hopefully, this game will help to open your eyes to the wonders of this place we call home.

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