Saturday, August 25, 2007

Franklin: Parmenter School gets ready for Opening Day

As Dolores and I completed our walk this morning, we happened upon a buzz of activity around the Parmenter School grounds as several parents and kids help clean up, spread some new mulch and getting ready for school to open next week.

Kim DiMarino will send me a listing of all who participated so I can update this and give credit where it is due.

Nice work folks!

* Perry Means and Jim D'Entremont are pictured at the mulch pile. (middle left photo)
* Jamie DiMarino (with the wheel barrow), Jessie D'Entremont, and Alex Adiletto lend a hand. (middle right photo)
* Denise Cyr spreads out the mulch. (bottom left photo)

PS - I was looking for the name of the mascot but did not find it exploring the school website. I did find the history of the school which is good to know. If you do know the name of the mascot, please let me know.

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