Sunday, November 19, 2006

The magnets are back!

Yes, rehung, re-ordered and ready to swing on the door.

The magnets are the result of a collection over the years from business travel (Texas), vacation travel (Maine, South Carolina, Cape Cod, South Dakota, etc.), quick reference and clips for hanging other reminders.

As I go to the refrigerator, I can catch a view of one of the magnets and step back into time....

Do you have a collection for your refrigerator door?


  1. LOL - I have some of those same magnets on my fridge - the "Whale of a good time" one pops into my head (remember our fun whale watch trip on Capt Johns???)

    Great memories......

  2. Glad you liked Diane... I want to annotate the picture on Flickr sometime to highlight each place there from.

  3. Dad, great idea... let us help so you don't forget things... no offense...

    oh and the magnets... look good, but I think some will have to go back to their origional spots... you know change is sometimes hard. :)


  4. I sure do Steve....way too many. I'm a freak for these things...but, besides some like yours, mine are more "cutesy." A lot of Mom-type things...hearts, sayings, angels, pics of kids and grandkids, etc.