Saturday, November 18, 2006

Exploring a wiki

Today's Boston Globe has another in a series of articles appearing in the press touting the new wiki phenomenon. Wikipedia is certainly well known. Other uses of wiki technology are being explored. The wiki cake project mentioned in the article is underway. The wiki in this case is collection votes and suggestions from the group (and anyone can join) to decide what kind of cake to bake. A simple but effective exposition of the tool.
Dan Bricklin, inventor of Visicalc, the precursor to Excel (and I did use it once upon a time) is about to release wikicalc as an open source application. Anyone anywhere could collaborate on a shared spreadsheet.
I am exploring using a wiki to enhance the blog writing I do. Comments help foster the conversation but the content of the postings and comments maybe more readily available via wiki to continue the conversation and build a real information source. My 2 cents would be worth more if it was tended to, tempered, and added to by the collective intelligence of the readers. Or so my current thinking goes.
What do you think?
How would you use a wiki?
Would you help explore the use of a wiki?
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1 comment:

  1. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Hi Steve -- I am using a wiki as a space for nonprofit social entrepreneurs to make a learning game together that will solve the mystery of earned income profitability. Sort of like deciding what cake to bake. We decide together what game to make.

    I have also set up a companion blog. Seems like blogs and wikis each facilitate collaboration and conversation in different ways.

    I discovered your blog thru Nancy White and Beth Kanter's bloglog communities. You can find out more about me and my wiki and blog thru mybloglog. I'd love it if you checked them out and tell me what you think. :)