Sunday, April 09, 2006

You know you've made it when

you walk in to the study and your daughter and her boy friend are collaborating on their psychology project and she says:

"Your timing is impeccable Dad. As usual, you picked the worst part of this to walk into."

And then, sure enough, right on queue, the talking (actually a DVD) of a current comedian playing in the background starts spouting such language as is not normally heard in our house.

I developed this habit a bit ago. I would come home from work and both daughters would be queued in front of the TV filling in some time before dinner by watching re-runs of "Buffy - The Vampire Slayer". Of course, as I was standing there taking my coat off the big fight scene would erupt.

I did eventually watch a show or two with them. There is a build up to the one big fight scene. And it is usually a doozy. Totally unrealistic!

Disclaimer: Less someone think such shows were normal TV fair in the household, they actually were not. The girls had to complete their homework before watching any TV. The one exception being some "break" time between track/cross country and dinner. Realistically, there were usually not a lot of time to make it worth while getting into something. Although, there were times when the homework load was sufficient, and I give them credit, they did by-pass Buffy or whatever and hit the books anyway foregoing the break. They also had a curfew. No TV on school nights after 9:00 PM. This eventually got waived once a week for a show that all three of my ladies were into. Yes, Dolores too! This varied as the show moved amongst the nights, one season on Sunday night, then to Wednesday, then to Thursday... I don't keep track of it except that if it is on that night, I know where my ladies are.

The waiver came into place with the girls continually getting onto the honor roll and working for the privilege. They held their side of the bargain so it was an easy Win/Win situation.

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  1. I cannot help but laugh heartily at this. You would walk into not only those fight scenes, but also even after we had just purchased a Knight's Tale, you walked right in when a character was boldly walking down the street nude. It was the only nude scene in the whole movie and the movie was PG-13!

    But aside from your bad timing...

    Now living away from home, the TV is still never on unless the work is finished. It is a good habit to have. Apparently, according to my friends sometimes, they claim that I missed so many things. Like, having a crush on Zach Morris from "Saved By the Bell". Alternatively, watching Sabrina on TGIF. However, I usually ask them if they read, Ables Island, Castle in the Attic, Shiloh, The Witches or had the Tolkien books read aloud to them by their Dad (complete with voices). I ask them if they know what its like to spend a day on a mountain. Climbing up, getting the most magnificent view. Realizing you still have to climb down, but knowing the hot dogs and laughter at the end will make it worth your while. I asked them if they knew how cool the state of South Dakota is and what a buffalo stampede is like. None of them can play Hi Low Jack, Doughnut, Cribbage or Miles Bornnes.

    It makes me wonder sometimes, who really missed out?