Sunday, April 09, 2006

Chalkboard shivers

You go along your way and some lines catch you.
You do a double take to check what you hear or read.
Shiver maybe, and then go on.

I find I can go on only so far before I need to respond.
The scratch on the chalkboard needs to stop.
(My apologies for the image and shiver that may have just gone down your spine too!).

For example; from John Gorka's newest album; Old Futures Gone, he sings in "Always":
I will always be lonely, nothing's ever going to change that
It's the way I'm wired, it's the way that I'm set back

From Stowe Boyd's blog, /Message he wrote on continuous partial attention:
The results? Changes in how we perceive the world and our place in it. And this is not just small, subtle changes. They are big, and active. We are actively opting to do things differently. The manner of our adaptations are socially intrusive and disruptive: we IM in meetings, read books while others are lecturing, or look out the windows when we are supposed to be focused on the One Big Thing For Today, Or Else.

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