Monday, January 09, 2006

Chris Smither's Concert

I posted the words to a couple of good songs from Saturday night.

The lyrics don't do as well on the page for me as when they are sung.

Now don't get me wrong, the words are good. Well crafted.

But reading them on the page does not convey the same message as I know they can convey.

The words don't change. The context does.

Instead of spaces, and whatever is playing around you as you read them, those words on Saturday were accompanied by Chris' hard driving blues guitar.

Do you recall Victor Borge? and his phonetic punctutation? That works for the sounds of words and of punctuation.

How do we capture the sounds around words?

I guess I'd have to read it out loud so you could hear the "right" pause or inflection.

Oh, that might have to be a podcast!

Or getting the original recording of Chris!

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