Friday, March 25, 2005

Quote: Andrew Taylor on Engagement

I found this when it was posted.
Marked it as something to return to,
just did not have the time at that moment.

Andrew wrote:

"I'd suggest that the deeper answer to engaging audiences is not just in teaching, but in learning...not just in talking, but in listening. Then we can all discover -- audience, artist, arts organization -- what meaning we make together, rather than one side defining the terms for everyone."

This works on so many levels.
First, back to the basics, between two people.
One and one should equal three or more.
It is not always that way
that's okay as long as it is still respectful

It gets more challenging when one of the two entities is not a person
but an organization, business or otherwise
The corporation has some legal standing as a person for tax purposes
but unless the people that work within it
are willing to open the discussion
to enable the interaction of a two way street
the organization has no persona for interaction

it's all push
marketing hype
relentless, ultimately clueless droning
eventually ignored

Don't go that way
That should be the road not taken

We want the other way
where we make meaning together

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