Friday, March 18, 2005

The Power of Approachability

I have a thing for porches.

As a newspaper delivery boy, growing up in the old neighborhood many years ago, I found success in getting the paper to land "just so" on the mat on the porch. It saved me many steps, and would let me finish the route quicker so I could get to the field to play baseball with the gang.

At home, our three decker had a porches along one side. During the summer, ours would be screened in and this would become my bedroom during the summer months home from college. I recall many nights falling to sleep listening to the traffic (we lived on a busy street) with the telephone pole mounted streetlight as my "night light".

Our current home, has a wonderful back deck (modern term for porch). We converted part of it to a three-season room and this past winter has been so cold, I have spent very little time out there. I am looking forward to the warmer spring. To the trees starting to spread their leaves. To the sun rising in the morning, rays steaming their way through the greening trees.

Our front porch needs railings. This is one task I am not too willing to tackle myself. I feel comfortable painting, wallpapering, and performing some other round the house stuff but hesitate with this opportunity. It could turn into more than I bargained for or am prepared to handle.

Scott Ginsberg, author, speaker, creator of "Hello, my name is Scott" has a new book about to come out; The Power of Approachability. He has the first three chapters available for free as a teaser on his web site.

I like free but I like it even better when it seems like something I would buy.

I have had problems with approachability. I do not make "small talk" well.

I have been aware of this for some time and have made great progress.

This book is coming along at a good time. I am ready to take the next step.

I like his explanation of creating a front porch. An easy concept to understand.

With a welcoming front porch, the approachability becomes easy.

What is your front porch? What works for you?

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