Sunday, February 19, 2017

Remembering Iwo Jima, remembering Jerry

Feb 19 is a special day in US history. It was the day that the Battle of Iwo Jima started in 1945. The flag raising on Mt Suribachi is quite well known. That the battle fought for many days after the flag raising is less so. Jerry landed on Iwo Jima and was among the lucky ones to walk off in March. It may not be a coincidence that Jerry left his world on Feb 19, 2012.

Jerry's coffin at the funeral home in 2012
Jerry's coffin at the funeral home in 2012

You can listen to Jerry tell of his work in the Joint Assault Signal Company
  • If you see a veteran, thank them for their service.
  • If you find a World War II veteran, listen to a story if they'll tell it. We are all losing too many of those these days.

This was originally posted on Jerry's Story in 2014

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