Sunday, October 09, 2016

Deja Brew - 6 kettles to take home

The "band of brewers" visited Deja Brew Friday to bottle our most recent set of 6 kettles. The beer listing is shown here. The all important cap codes are listed below.

AKA IPA Keith's first IPA, and it's a good one! Very tasty, good hop flavor
Harvest Spice Yummy fall pumkin flavoured beer that everyone craves for the Fall (with pumpkin liquor)
Llevar Porter If you like Ravell , you’ll love this one. Vanilla accents
Off Kilter Scotch Full-bodied & malty, a Scottish style strong ale
Red Rider Ale Similar to Killian’s Red. A mild hop content, and smooth taste
Sammy's Octoberfest A slightly dark dark even keeled beer leaves a soft malty feeling on your tongue

We now have 293 kettles in our ledger, only 7 more to get to 300!

  • A = Aka IPA
  • S = Sammy's Octoberfest
  • R = Red Rider Ale
  • P = Harvest Spice (kicked up with pumpkin liquor)
  • O = Off kilter Scotch
  • (blank) = Llevar Porter (with vanilla infused Jim Beam)

DejaBrew: ingredients lined up
DejaBrew: ingredients lined up

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