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The Quiet Girlz Club Is Open (ages 17-24)

Some of my readers might be interested in this opportunity especially if you are in or around Western Mass.

Hi Steve,

Hey, it's finally here, the "Quiet Girlz Club," starting June 3rd in Northampton, Mass.  See what you think and consider forwarding it to someone who might need this. Thank you!
The Quiet Girlz Club Is Now Open!

As you may know, I want to reach introverted and shy young women (ages 12+) so they can get on a path of confidence and success... instead of the painful and frustrating path that is too common for introverts in our extrovert-oriented culture.

(I'm going to explain the path from pain to confidence in the next email. Cool diagrams too!)

Over the last few months, I've had some wonderful discussions with "quiet" young women and parents of "quiet" young women, and they have helped me design this group for ages 17-24. People are starting to sign up.

Here's what I learned from my youth advisors:
  1. Quiet-loving, shy, or introverted young women are finding it challenging to thrive in our loud fast-paced culture -- which seems to expect them to become louder in order to be heard and valued.
  2. It's sometimes hard to feel confident and valuable just being themselves.
  3. They're sick of people asking them "Is something wrong?" just because they're being quiet!
  4. All that drain on their confidence can snowball into feeling more and more nervous to speak. Ack!  (I got stuck in that snowball when I was young.)
  5. They hate it when people assume they have nothing to say. They have plenty to say. Don't confuse taking time to think with having nothing to say!
Here's what I learned from my parent advisors:
  1. They worry about if their daughters will speak up when they need to -- with dating, with teachers, with bosses.
  2. They are especially worried when their "quiet" daughters head to college or beyond. (I feel for them. Oh my, my first year of college was... problematic, because in my case, I was a doormat.)
  3. They long for their daughters to have all the confidence and ease possible for creating a fulfilling life for themselves.

The Quiet Girlz Club can help:

This small group "learning circle" is for ages 17-24, perfect for college-bound women, college women and other "new adults." It's a place to tap into your introvert strengths, learn to manage the common pitfalls, and build confidence.

Group members will learn from each other and learn from an experienced life coach/ former wallflower.  (That's me.)

Starts Tuesday, June 3rd. (Oh, that's right around the corner! Please register before Memorial Day, May 26th.)

Group size:  4 - 6 members

More details about what we'll do, how it helps, and how to begin:
Quiet Girlz Club


Coming up in the next email...

The Path from Shyness to Confidence... an easy-to-understand diagram.
Perfect learning tool for all ages.

Reply emails always welcome. I love it.

Thank you!
Val Nelson
Career/ Business/ Life Coach
(A.K.A., The Introvert Coach)

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